Victus thoroughly entertains, but the best thing about it is its' payload in the end.

Nothing is new, yet this is.

Take another look at what you thought you knew!

  • We have heard anectdotes and folk stories of old. We have seen fables and feel good tales countless times. We have rarely seen well known spiritual accounts relayed in a radical and realistic perspective.

    An unapologetic perspective, a rough and not so nice perspective, a bloodied and unfriendly perspective, an unexpected and poignant perspective, a real and undiluted perspective. A perspective designed to awake us.

  • Victus is a thriller that attacks our consciousness and challenges it to truly consider a perspective of a well known but seldom truly evaluated biblical situation. Without warning, the audience is thrown in the woes of the story that they can then later relate to while pondering on the deep inescapable impression it would have left on them.

    The urge to share with family and friends is immediate, as the audience will enjoy hanging on and guessing all the way to the last frame.

The Cast

America Fererra, Rosie Sanchez, Derek Luke and Mekhi Phifer along side newcomers Ivan Mbakop and Yolanda T Ross are proposed to grace the screen for some amazing performances.


Ivan Mbakop + Yolanda T. Ross

Mbakop Films

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