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Film, television and technology are just conduits for stories.
Stories move the world.

unRepped.ai avenges actors

AI centric tool to help actors find proper representation.

Fryends gets you leads

Fryends is how Entrepreneur’s & Freelancer’s turn existing contacts into word-of-mouth referrals.

An early utility patent

A 2003 patent that has now been cited in over 12 other inventions

The artist behind the art

It’s not just writing code, patenting inventions and exiting startups. It’s also telling stories. Viscerally.

NUMB. Oscar Qualified Nominee

In 2023, this 15min short racked over 14 wins across the festival circuit and landed a distribution deal over at Mansa.com

When an unspeakable trauma strikes a woman, her husband takes their son out for a late night drive to teach him freedom, to explore pain and to demand justice... It’s a story unlike any other.

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Intriguing Unique Audio Visual Episodic

Premiering late 2024, this 10 part anthology pulls no punches when it comes to twisted moral tales, wrapped with a guilty aftertaste that will make you question your faith and relationship with the things you once thought were real!

No, you did not step into the twilight zone, but close! Welcome to the Malnuscripts.

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The Cinematic Conscience Awakens

We often cry in silence, pondering the jaded nature of society and its slanted balance. We even yell out loud, but in private. Unheard wailings that choke the soul for the sake of political correctness. We caught those monologues on film.

Filmologues is a wondrous literary episodic that links unsuspecting lives, telling an unexpected tale.

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An Enigmatic Closed World.

In 2017, this 8min short happened quite by happenstance. Although proper planning, equipment purchase and storyboard drawings were on the menu, the film itself started as an experiment designed to test the limits of low light filming for a Sony camera. At the time, the legendary Sony A6000.

A remarkable award winning adrenaline pumping short came of it, our very first film.

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Short Film: Victus - 28 mins

Victus is a thriller that attacks our consciousness and challenges it to truly consider a perspective of a well known but seldom truly evaluated biblical situation. Without warning, the audience is thrown in the woes of the story that they can then later relate to while pondering on the deep inescapable impression it would have left on them.

You will enjoy hanging on and guessing all the way to the last frame.

Feature Film: Hunther

After taking the fall for his friend, young Charlie is sentenced to juvenile detention for sexual assault. Charlie grows up to have problems with sex: He screws a guest in the bathroom at his own wedding, and sexually assaults his stepdaughter, Lauren.

His wife, Morgan, takes Lauren to live with Aunt Sherry, but Charlie gets there first. Morgan and Lauren must fight for their survival.

Feature Film: Bricked

A high​ ​school​ ​grad​ ​finds​ ​himself​ ​in​ ​turmoil​ ​within​ ​his​ ​family​ ​as​ ​he​ ​battles​ ​coping with​ ​Bipolar​ ​disorder.

A straight forward film that deals with a seldom discussed issue. Mental wellness. A deep dive into the things we have been underexposed to. Take a look and surprise yourself!

Feature Film: Our Dream Wedding

Commitment-shy Natalie tries on her grandma's 'magical' wedding veil and is transported to her future, where she and long-term boyfriend Scott are happily married with two beautiful children.

Is she finally ready to commit? Find out!

Feature Film: Haven

Haven's fertility struggles collide with a cancer diagnosis right as she finds out that she’s finally pregnant.

What will she do?

Feature Film: The Millenial

A young privileged African American millennial recently receives his masters degree from a prestigious university and sets out to pursue a career in his chosen field only to find out it's not the life he imagined.

Take this movie for a spin!

Has AI come to take away Actors’ jobs?

We beg to differ. While the strike was raging on in 2023, we put the finishing touches on our AI powered app that allows actors to mingle and meet the right reps and industry door keepers.

Unrepped.ai is for actors with no or inadequate representation. Our AI model identifies and categorize talent that are then introduced to reps in a unique way.

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Helping Startups Realize their Dreams!

The biggest hurdle to any idea is to actually implement it. When it comes to having an idea translated into an App, that’s what our Custom development branch does best.

WeStartApps.com has served clients since 1997, starting with Tuskegee University, NASA and Kellogg to name a few. Contact us to see how we can help you get from here to there.

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The Biggest Online Property for the West!

The hub for all things Rodeo. Culture, Magazine, News, Shows and more. We help maintain the Teton Empire with a firm grip.

TetonRidge.com has many disparate brands that themselves have individual web presences, marketing arms and numerous moving pieces. Pieces that safely lie in our control.

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The Smart Radar that Saves Lives

We have designed and are maintaining Spartan Radar’s web presence. This is a company that recently raised $10M and undertook the radar vertical for commercial vehicles. From 18 wheelers, to heavy construction equipment, their smart software controlled radar continues to save lives to this day.

SpartanRadar.com was built from the ground up using Webflow and a few other aggregated technologies.

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Has AI come to take away Actors’ jobs?

Yes, we indeed got a chance to design and maintain the John Lewis Foundation website. It was an immense honor to contribute o his legacy in some way.

johnandlillianmileslewisfoundation.org was a labor of love, along with the maintenance of their social media properties.

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Zenzo Tongai on AMC’s Parish

A force of nature, a nuanced and troubled character. Born and raised in Africa, yet shrewd and jaded. He fights and plots to regain control over the family business from his little brother.

A must watch.

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Bass’ Cook, Willie Lych

A crucial pivotal character that forced David Oyelowo’s Bass Reeves to look inwardly and face his demons, the very nature he’d been running away from his entire life. Or at least throughout the season!

Stream episode 7 if you have time to watch nothing else.

On Set

The Rock and Ryan Reynolds’ Demise!

Ivan Mbakop plays an International Gangster of African descent. Flamboyant and flashy. He comes amidst the troubled escape of both Nolan and Booth, played respectively by Ryan Reynolds and  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Ivan lands a $50M plane and makes fun of Booth!

On Set

Dt. Caudle, hot on Kate Bishop’s Tail!

Detective Caudle, played by Ivan Mbakop spares no expense or punches when going after Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

Nothing special here outside of the fact that it is simply the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How cool right?

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