We have helped design and build one of the most iconic entertainment online hub, again, on behalf of our esteemed repeat client Legendary Pictures.



One of the many digital properties of Legendary Pictures, The Alpha domain is an extension of the more popular Nerdist brand. We have helped develop Alpha entirely in ReactJS and continue to support it.

Legendary's VR

Complete UX and UI deployment on the upcoming Legendary VR App

DentalTrax, We built it. One line at a time.

Web Builder EXP

We designed unique content editing techniques based on drag-and-drop interactivities. EXP changed the way people build websites.

Reliant Tech Design, in two minutes Flat!

Mbakop & Nuryl Make Babies Smarter!

Nuryl plays dissonant, unexpected musical arrangements to stimulate the maximum neurons in a developing baby's brain. We built the whole application!

  • Logistics Tracking

    PartTrack is an iOS and Android application that manages drivers, dispatchers, deliveries, recipients' signatures and so much more.


Top Atlanta Entertainment Agency

With decades under their belt, it is only fitting that J Pervis Talent hire Mbakop to architect a platform that now serves all major Casting houses from Atlanta to Hollywood.

An EMR from Scratch!

The unique challenges that Africa faces brought a Medical Corps to our doorstep. We engineered the most advanced Electronic Medical Record System in use in Africa today.


Trigger is an ATF approved web application that helps track and organize all sorts of domestic firearm transactions in the US.


We built an engine that processes millions of paraphernalia, rare antique and sports memorabilia authentication requests every month.


The leaders in aerial construction site photography and cataloging. The software we built ingests hundreds of high resolution imagery and aerial videos, organizes the data for easy retrieval and generates reports for their clients.


Our well thought-out prank app utilizing the latest Apple FaceAR blew minds away and helped successfully pitch a game show to ABC.

An Experienced Team

We have been around since 1998. In 20+ years, we have seen the internet change, cool trends come and go. We have stayed true to the essence of digital media.
Much like human nature and psyche, in spite of the tech revolution, nothing really changes. Our team stays focused on making life easier with software:

  • Ivan Mbakop

    UI/UX, Software Architect and Designer for over 20 years

  • April Lee

    Senior Project Manager

  • Zain Sohail

    Web Developer

  • Chirag Purohit

    Chief Tech Officer, over 15 years writing software.

  • Olan Arbitrario

    Passion in Crafting Web, hybrid and native UIs.

  • Vedant Bhatt

    Hardcore Backend API Dev. NodeJS, MongoDB, etc...

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