The stranger at the door. He's come for revenge. She's paranoid. Or is she?

Dena lost her husband a decade ago and has never really recovered. Dealing with her ailing son was only the beginning of learning an amazing lesson. But first, again, has the sketchy man at the door come for blood, or something much more sinister?

He executed the mission. Little problem.
Vince forgot to tell him what's in the stolen case!

This short thriller outlines the chronicles of a thief for hire. He successfully got in, and got out with the briefcase. Little does he know what's at stake now. The contents of the briefcase itself are life altering. Let's see what happens!

Adriel has problems, but so do others. What makes this particular personage and his perspectives so unique?

An uncommon character you've met before (Victus) has quite a few layers, some that will certainly surprise you beyond your expectations. Buckle up and enjoy this promo, a short window into the life and nature of Adriel, friend or foe? The answer is ... neither!